Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting author Deborah Needleman at a book-signing party to celebrate her new book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home at the Room & Board showroom here in DC.

Best known as the founding editor of the much missed magazine Domino, Deborah has since made a name for herself at the Wall Street Journal (which I adore!). I received the book last week and I kept joking at the party that it had been to bed with me every night, I love it so! A great book of basic ways to make a house your home, it is charmingly illustrated with watercolor sketches by Virginia Johnson. As most of the images are well known to us savvy to design media, showcasing drawings rather than photographs really enlivens the book and gives it a great casual personality.Of course, I knew I was reading the right book when an illustration of Kate and Andy Spade's New York apartment graces the chapter called 'A Proper Welcome', probably my favorite apartment ever published (by World of Interiors Magazine).With chapters endearingly named and on numerous practical topics such as Places for Chatting, Cozifications, A Bit of Quirk and Delicious Scent, the book should be #1 on everyone's Christmas wish list. It's also a perfect house-warming present, especially at the low price!Other bloggers I read who have fallen in love with the book and wrote reviews are Style Court, A Bloomsbury Life and My White Shirt (who stood in the book signing line with me!)

All images scanned from the book by illustrator Virginia Johnson.