One sees many famous images of Venice but only the brave witness it from the air.

My Australian climbed to the top of San Giorgio to capture the city spread far below.

Having never been there, the thing that strikes me immediately is the immensity of the city! I always assumed it was small but here it is, a bustling seaport spread out through so much water. No wonder it is a popular cruise destination!

Below is the roof of San Giorgio. More on what that silver tube is in tomorrow's post!

Looking up, high into the bell tower.

And from the ground, here is the front facade of the church of San Giorgio Maggiore designed by my favorite architect, Andrea Palladio and built between 1566 and 1610. Awe-inspiringly stunning.

You recognize St. Mark's square above, across the water, with the familiar Doge's Palace.I had no idea the waterways were so large nor so busy!