Day 6 in Paris started with a walk through my favorite neighborhood in the city, St. Germain.No trip to St. Germain is complete without shopping. The neighborhood is full of the most unique and fascinating shops in Paris. The most famous of these is Deyrolle of course.The taxidermy shop takes merchandising to a higher level with their clever displays. I loved this tableau of animals eating a meal together at a table mad-hatter style.
As throughout the city, the buildings are gorgeous. As space is at a premium I noticed many double and triple dormers like the one here: no attic space goes to waste!
After a morning of shopping it was across the river, past the Tuileries to the very British and charming old world Hotel Regina to meet friends for drinks.Along the way, I passed these faux-bois doors painted by Jacques Garcia himself on an elegant apartment building facing the Louvre.
The evening ended fireside at the apartment of friends before dinner at a cafe in the Marais.What else could one ask from a day spent in Paris?