Lately I've been attending estate sales over the weekends. They're hit or miss but usually a lot of fun. A few weeks ago I visited a definite hit, the sale of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart's DC house (read an article about the sale at the Post HERE). I was able to acquire quite a few really interesting things and as it was the last day of the sale, for practically next to nothing. My favorite find would have to be these 2 pillows covered with a collection of antique cigar silks.These squares of fabric were popular a century ago when selling cigars as a collectible (sort of an adult version of toys in a cereal box) and would have motifs of flora, fauna or in this case, flags from different countries. I love that this collection had obviously only recently been turned into 2 throw pillows by Stewart's widow who has lived on in their house for decades following his passing. The fact that some of these squares are frayed only adds to their appeal.
And here they rest on my couch now, a reminder of a great man and a very fun outing!