While reading through "Small Country Houses of To-Day" by Lawrence Weaver, I came across another charming house named Acremead in Kent, England. Surprisingly the house was designed by a firm over a century ago which still exists, Smith and Brewer.One so often sees these great old houses in books and I wondered if the house still survived and in what condition. A quick google search found the house did indeed exist and looks more charming than ever!The rear facade has received a few additional windows which in my opinion only help the composition.The current owners have added a pavilion in the low garden, seen above, with work by Escape Landscape Architects where I found these recent photographs.Weaver, in his discussion on the house, commended the architects and landscapers for the clever use of a difficult, hilly site. The house was designed long and narrow with a terraced back yard which exists to this day.The gutters were originally piped into this charming lily pond, but I am not sure it still exists in the current garden.Here in this side view of the house you get a sense of the hilly siting.The new work is well done and who could argue with the addition of a pool!How much easier sleuthing has become with the aid of google!