Perhaps not literal war but estate sales can at times feel terribly hostile. I've witnessed fist fights over who saw what first! I wanted to follow up on a previous post on estate sales and share with you some of my new treasures. There have been a lot of great sales lately and my nest is quickly becoming 'feathered'!
 My biggest find this past weekend was a cookie jar which I instantly recognized as the Renwick Gallery here in DC. I was particularly interested as it's my favorite museum in the city. You may remember I have a cookie jar of the Villa Rotunda which has been one of my favorite objects for years!  The Renwick had been relegated to the basement in a rear corner of the sale and I scored it for only $10! I always poke around in back corners at these sales where things get missed. I also found a beautiful wool 19th century persian runner in an upstairs back closet which I'm going to use in my kitchen that I got for a steal (currently at the cleaners or else I'd share it as well).
 A set of fine crystal cordial glasses with this beautiful monogram also came home with me from the same sale. After reading THIS article in the NYT, my New Year's Resolution will be to hold monthly dinner parties and I have to be prepared.
This cute little framed photo of "Aunt Joan golfing in the 20s" caught my eye and makes me laugh every time I see it - seen propped up here on my living room mantel.
 I rarely leave a sale without a bag full of books. I really don't know what I'll do with them all!
You may remember my haunted chairs. I still haven't treated the wood (thanks so much for the advice on that!) but I didn't follow the majority vote on fabric and used the wood plaid I had from Ralph Lauren. I like the colors in my apartment and even if the pattern isn't perfect for the chairs, they add the right dose of color to my still neutral space and I just love plaid!
Everyone kindly keeps asking to see my apartment and in dribbles it will start to appear; it has a long way to go still.  Here are 2 of the haunted chairs flanking my bar in the corner of the living room.  As you can see I need more art (or sconces?) to flank the mirror but I have my Grandma's Christmas tree set to go for the holiday season!