Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Fall Design Fete hosted by our local AIA chapter at the Pan American Building. You may remember me talking about this building by Paul Cret before HERE, as it is one of my favorites here in Washington DC.  Oddly enough my other favorite is also by Cret, the Mary Stewart Mansion.
I snapped some photos while at the event with my phone as the building really does come alive at night; ambiance is everything, no?
 The central courtyard was ablaze with light and music thanks to a live jazz band.
The intriguing marble fountain by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney is also more powerful seen at night.
 However it appears the snake eyes of the sculpture no longer light up as originally intended.
It was a fabulous evening in a fabulous space spent with my fabulous coworkers; who can ask for anything more?
I promise to get a real camera to do my images justice someday!