Aesthetic Guangdong Museum Design BuildingGuangdong Museum is one of four landmark cultural buildings in the financial center of Zhujiang Xincheng area (Pearl River New Town) Guangzhou City. Rocco Design Architects Ltd. was announced as the winner in international competition in May 2004 and then appointed as a project planner. As high as five-story museum has a total floor area about 67,000 square meters.
Charming Guangdong Museum Design ConceptThe design that created as an artwork with monumental scale describes cultural richness of the past china. It’s allegorized of China antique sculptur, this museum is not only designed as a home for a variety of art objects but also become part of the artwork and become a cultural icon. The visitors will be brought to the visual experience about the local history of the province and the traditional wisdom and contributes to the enhancement and appreciation of the city’s cultural identity.
Minimalist Guangdong Museum Design InteriorMuseum spaces structuring is inspired by the “concentric ivory balls carving” China that legendary. Each slice to form a box with several different layers and glass openings display museum interior. An interesting spatial pattern with the room sacs forming complex correlation between the visual and physical connections that are connected by corridors atrium. Room setting deliberately assertive and dynamic reflects building facades as well as allowing flexibility of the building operation. Natural light is obtained from the openings on the facade that also allows to get a view out. It is also a transitional space between each showroom.
Extraordinary Guangdong Museum Design TypeFacade processing that analogies the ivory balls was completed with the use of materials of aluminum panel and glass. Each elevation angle is designed uniquely to form geometric voids with different depths. Transition space from the outside into the building is treated with silk fabric metaphorical which is also a valuable artwork of china and asia from the past. Via
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