As our house gets closer to complete, and the final touches are put on, I really appreciate all of the small things.
Omnia Door Handles
I love these door handles. They’re solid feeling and operate smoothly. They have a certain industrial or commercial look yet are still refined.
Inside Outside Corner
Look at this corner detail. I didn’t “get it” at first but when I studied it, the Escher-like nature popped out. This corner is an inside corner on top where the panels meet, but it transitions seamlessly to an outside corner where the windows meet.
Baseboard and Window
Check out how the baseboards interact with the windows. They transition perfectly from baseboards for the wall to an “apron” for the window emphasizing the floor to ceiling effect.
Built In Cabinets and Baseboards
Finally (but not even close to all there is – just the limits of what I’m willing to type today), there’s this detail of how the baseboard wraps around the built-in cabinetry. I’m sure that 99% of builders would have just ended the trim before it turned the corner. But our carpenters created this little detail that oozes craftsmanship!