I arrived in Paris at the crack of dawn, literally, as the sun rose behind Notre Dame. Coming from the airport via the RER has the benefit of having your first view of Paris being this spectacular cathedral high above the Seine.I'm staying in an apartment behind Notre Dame on the Ile St. Louis, right in the heart of the city. After just one day I can thankfully say that apartment living is the right way to travel, I feel right at home.The apartment sits on the top floor of an old courtyard building: very La Boheme-esque complete with skylights and myriad stairs!
As you can see though, it's not a bad way to travel! I love the time worn marble treads and beautiful iron railing.The first day has been homey with naps, trips to the local wine and cheese shops, tea at Mariage Freres and flowers from the local florist, naturally! I'll be checking in with daily highlights so stay tuned!