This past weekend, I stopped into my favorite local shop, Ms Pixies, and picked up this small gilt chair.
I believe the chair dates from the 1920s but the upholstery job is unfortunately brand new.Can I be honest? I'm really not feeling it. I'm generally not a fan of animal prints and besides, I feel the heft of the fabric and the double welting are a bit heavy for the small chair. I want to reupholster the chair (correction, I want to have the chair reupholstered, I'm not doing the hard work!). Details such as this are hidden by the heavy welt and the print is very distracting.However, I'm not TOTALLY boring and thought maybe I could use a pattern or contrasting fabric here on the back -what do you think?I actually have enough fabric left over from reupholstering my dining room chairs (Ralph Lauren cotton velvet in peacock blue) to reupholster the chair front AND back. I thought this way the chair could be pulled into service when needed at the table. Plus, being honest, I would like to not spend more money than I have to and I already have the fabric!I also have a few remnants that I thought MIGHT work for the back. Do you hear the hesitancy in my voice? Option one, which I'm thinking might not work, is a striped blue silk. I'm not sure the color is perfect with the velvet plus stripes with such a delicate carved chair?My 2nd option which I already have is this embroidered blue silk. I think this color works better and it definitely suits the chair. Is it a tad too feminine? I'm totally lost here and need your help and opinions! Should I upholster the back in the same velvet as the front or go with a contrasting fabric? Do either of my 2 remnants work or should I buy something new, a plain linen perhaps? Your comments are much appreciated!