No small town is complete without a church. Seaside has an adorable white board-and-batten chapel built in the tradition of such churches but with a modern edge.The non-denominational chapel was designed by Scott Merrill of Merrill and Pastor Architects on land donated by the founders of Seaside, Robert and Daryl Davis.Designed to be the tallest building in town, the chapel is given extra prominence by being the end point of the center line of town; a true focal point.My father being a minister, I have very definite ideas about churches of course, and this one hits the mark on every item. I love the old fashioned pews and the paneled Apse or Altar front. Tall ceilings and fans help in the hot summer weather.Adjacent to the main building is a charming outdoor chapel formed by an allee of trees and breezeway off the front of the church. Read more about the chapel and see some great photos at the blog Life of an Architect.